Camp Cabin - UE4

Andy nelson render 11b
Andy nelson render 08b
Andy nelson render 01b
Andy nelson render 07
Andy nelson render 06
Andy nelson render 00b
Andy nelson render 04b

360 Degree Panorama

Andy nelson assetcollectionb
Andy nelson screenshot001

Collection of Assets Rendered in Marmoset Toolbag

Andy nelson sleepingbags mt3

Made with Marvelous Designer : Fabric Materials made with Adobe Illustrator & Substance Designer.

Andy nelson screenshot012

Welcome to Camp Woodbury!

Excited to share this project and call it finished!
This is an environment I created for CGMA's UE4 Modular Environments course taught by Clinton Crumpler.

All modular assets have a texel density of 2048 x 4 meters. I used a combination of tiling textures with vertex painting and a trim sheet to texture the modular pieces.

I used Maya and zBrush for all the modeling, and Marvelous Designer for all fabric based props, including the football.
Tileable Materials were created with a combination of real photo reference, substance designer/painter and Quixel's nDo.

Huge thanks to Clinton Crumpler for all the feedback and help during this project.
Looking forward to using everything I've learned in my next piece!